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October 13, 2010

Council Votes Down Mayor's Parking-Pension Plan In Preliminary Vote

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In a preliminary vote today, Pittsburgh City Council voted down Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's 50-year giveaway parking privatization plan for the city's pension problem.

Bill 956:
Resolution authorizing the City of Pittsburgh to enter into concession arrangements with LAZ Parking and J. P. Morgan IFF Acquisitions LLC, operating as Pittsburgh Parking Partners, LLC with respect to on street metered parking and the garages and lots owned by the City and the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh (the "Authority") pursuant to the Pittsburgh Metered Parking System Concession and Services Agreement and the Pittsburgh Public Parking Facilities System Concession and Lease Agreement, and to authorize certain actions and ancillary agreements contemplated by the Metered System Concession Agreement and the Facilities Concession Agreement including the conveyance of Mellon Square garage and five (5) surface parking lots to the Authority as required by the Facilities Concession Agreement and the conveyance of parking meters and other items of equipment to the Concessionaire as required by the Metered System Concession Agreement. (Parking Assets Lease)
Here's how the vote came down:
Ricky Burgess

Patrick Dowd
Darlene Harris
Bruce Kraus
William Peduto
Natalia Rudiak
Doug Shields

Theresa Kail-Smith
Daniel Lavelle

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