What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 13, 2010

Will you vote for "Joe Seestix"?

I was just polled by a firm called Issues & Answers about US Senate and gubernatorial races in Pennsylvania.

What was completely disturbing was that the interviewer could not pronounce "Sestak."

In fact, the first time she tried to say it I had to ask, "Do you mean Joe Sestak?" because I really wasn't sure who she was asking about. She pronounced it something like "seasicks" or "seestix" -- and continued to do so throughout the interview -- despite my correcting her each time.

How in the hell can the results be valid for the surveys that she's conducted?

They have call centers in IN, MI and VA. I did try their corporate offices in VA, but got voicemail, so for the hell of it, I called the first phone center listed and registered a complaint (I should have asked for her supervisor while I still had her on the phone).

Ironically, she had no problem with "Onorato."


rich10e said...

what irks me most of all about these robocalls is that their paid for with PA $'s and in many cases local dollars. I often get calls from the Allegheny county democratic committee encouraging support for various local candidates and yet the calls are always coming from Missouri. Why can't the local party find a local or PA based robocaller??

EdHeath said...

To be fair, I can't recall having seen the name Sestak anywhere else.

When I see "Sestak" on the page, I think of "The Land of the Lost" and the "Sleestak".

By the way, some conservative commenter opined a few posts ago that Sestak has an awful delivery on camera, and I have to agree. the last fun Pennsylvania politician migh have been Ben Franklin.

Maria said...

Rich: Just to clarify, this was an actual poll not a robo call/campaign call. I have no idea who commissioned it -- could have been a media outlet, a candidate, etc.

Ed: The pronunciation of "Sestak" is pretty phonetic. Besides, having worked for market research companies for many years in the past as well as directly for NBC's internal polling dept. (we shared a floor with the SNL writers), it is up to the supervisors who train the interviewers and the monitors who listen to them to ensure that names are pronounced properly. The first mention of Sestak was basically a name ID question and it seriously screws the results if the name is so mangled as to be unrecognizable.

rich10e said...

cool...Maria just the same i think the local Dem leadership should spend campaign dollars in the market not out of state

Maria said...


I totally understand your point.