What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 20, 2010


It's one thing to run attack ads against a candidate or a party, it's entirely another thing to run ads which tell people not to vote at all.

But, that's exactly what "Latinos for Reform" want to tell Latinos in Nevada to do:

"Don't Vote" ("No Votes").

The ad basically slams Democrats, but instead of telling people to vote Republican, it tells them to send a message by not voting at all.

It should not surprise anyone that "Latinos for Reform" is a Republican 527 group.

And, who does this group share a P.O. Box number with? It shares it with "the Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann Foundation, an organization founded by the chairman of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT), Roy F. Hoffmann."

How completely craven and despicable to target Latinos -- who are likely not to vote for you in the first place -- and tell them that they should give up their vote entirely.

How completely disgusting is it to think that they are ripe for being hoodwinked too?

And, how completely Bizarro World is it for Republicans to do this when they are the party who are running Sharron Angle for Senate in Nevada -- a candidate who not only ran an ad depicting stereotypical scary-looking Latinos entering the country illegally and later claimed it was about the Canadian border, but who also told a group of Latino school children that they looked Asian.

The ad was set to run on the Spanish-language Univision network. Fortunately, Univision changed their mind and will not be running them.

Talk about the Party of NO!

It certainly seems that Republicans are so entirely bankrupt of ideas that they can't even make an argument to vote for them so they have to target minority groups and tell them not to vote at all. (Of course they are actually working to supress minority voters in TX and IL.)


Here's the ad in English and in Spanish:

I will mention that for five years in the nineties, I worked for Protele (a subsidiary of Televisa). Protele sold Televisa's programming on the international market including a big chunk to Univision.


JenEngland said...

I'm nearly speechless. (nearly) This is DESPICABLE. In a year of profoundly bizarre politics, I didn't think I could be shocked. But this is shockingly despicable.

rich10e said...

"How completely craven and despicable to target Latinos -- who are likely not to vote for you in the first place -- and tell them that they should give up their vote entirely." That works only if the voters are stupid as Obama and Biden have recently stated.My point is, if the Latinos are not likely to vote GOP in the first place, why would they be responsive to this ad?

jay said...

And conservatives sink again to a new low.

What's really insidious about that ad is that at no point do the producers of it identify themselves as Republicans or conservatives (but we all know who is responsible for it). In a sense, the narrator is speaking from the POV of an angry Democratic voter.

But anyone who defends anyone running ads telling people not to vote probably needs to examine how much they actually believe in the principles of democracy.

Of course, when you've got Alaskan Republican senate candidates arresting reporters with their private, non-licensed security personnel, we can probably make an educated guess as to how much the Teabaggers really do believe in democracy.

rich10e said...

Hey Jey...
can you say New Black Panthers???