What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 2, 2010

Look who's lying!

Via North Pittsburgh Politics, we see that Keith Rothfus is claiming a Post-Gazette endorsement that actually went to Jason Altmire.

You can see the lyin' lit here.


rich10e said...

take his lit to the election court judge and see if they'll pull it!!Its happened before.

The Quackling said...

Low... but not surprising.

Joshua said...

CNN called PA-4 for Altmire, but it's a VERY close margin. Consider Altmire sufficiently bloodied.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Yes! A very close race. Altmire needs to watch himself now.

Let's see who lies now.. Altmire campaigned using his votes against ObamaCare and others (CapAndTax?). The only reason he could vote against those pieces of legislation is that Pelosi had enough votes to pass them, thereby keeping Altmire's seat 'safe'.

Let's see how Altmire votes now that the Democrats need his vote.