November 2, 2010

Sorry, you're just wrong

Sorry, John McIntire, but you're just wrong.

You wrote:

What about PA?

Let me be the first to issue a big fat Joe Sestak "I TOLD YOU SO."

This is a weird year. People want candidates who appear to be "independent," whatever that means.

Arlen Specter was DEFINITELY beholden to NO ONE. Many thought he was a weasel as a result. But it's why he would have been a better candidate.

And now, the guy who WAS the Tea Party before there was a party or any caffeinated brown water to sip, Pat Toomey of the Club for Growth (a MAJOR right wing nutbag "think" tank), is going to be a U.S. Senator.
Plus he's a jug-eared varmint to boot.

Way to go progressives. Heckuva job. You got your wish. And now you've put another nutbag in Capitol Hill. Another tax-cuts-for-the-rich nutbag. And this one can actually think and talk, which could make him even more dangerous.
I know, I know. It all depends on Philly turnout. Blah, blah, blah.

Joe Sestak is toast.

Believe me, if Sestak pulls out a miracle tomorrow, I'll happily look like a fool.
If Arlen was the Democratic candidate for Senate, he'd be down by at least 20 points.

This is a "throw the bums out" year. How could Specter -- who's been in public office for 45 years -- possibly have won in 2010?

Where's his base?

No way. They already rejected him in the primary and as pretty much every past primary has shown, there simply aren't enough progressives to make a huge dent there -- rank and file Dems tossed him out.

Republicans? You got to be kidding! Those left in that party have moved ever more right. Republicans would have been running the exact same ads against Specter that they are now running against Sestak. Plus there's the whole "turncoat" factor. They certainly would be painting him as a man you could not trust.

So that leaves Independents. You think they'd have seen him as independent and "DEFINITELY beholden to NO ONE"? Nope. They'd see him as the worst kind of hack -- an opportunist who'd do anything to save his political hide (which is why the Sestak primary ad which had the clip of Arlen saying, “my change in party will enable me to be reelected” was so damn effective and which is why the Republicans would have been running that same clip in their ads).

There's simply no way that Specter would be doing better now than Sestak.

That said, despite your huge blind spot soft spot for Arlen, I know the rest of your analysis on the radio today will be spot on and you always bring the funny so everyone who can should listen to you on The Union Edge. Via MacYapper:
I'll be on the radio Tuesday supplying wrist slitting election analysis on 660 AM in Pittsburgh on the Union Edge radio show with Charles Showwalter at 2pm.
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Joshua said...

And if Sestak loses, it's his own damn fault. I'm predicting the break-even point for Jewish votes for Sestak is going to be 65%. Meaning, if he gets less than that, Toomey is going to win. He lost a lot of support with that stunt, and it may cost him the election.

Ol' Froth said...

Which stunt is that?

rich10e said...

and this idiot McIntire's not a nut??