What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 29, 2010

Pittsburgh City Council Compels Mayor Ravenstahl To Show Up Today

§ 11.3-310. Powers of Council.
Council shall have the following additional powers:
. . .
f. to call a meeting at any time between council and the mayor jointly to discuss legislation or the business of the City in general, and to compel the attendance of the mayor at a council hearing;
Frustrated members of Pittsburgh City Council voted yesterday to compel Mayor Luke Ravenstahl to show up to today's Council meeting at 10:00 AM to try to help avert a state takeover of the the city's pension plan. As surely everyone reading this must know by now, a majority of Council soundly rejected the Mayor's plan to privatize the city's parking assets. That was back in October and the Mayor has basically rejected any alternative plan by City Council.

You can read about Council's contentious meetings with Finance Director Scott Kunka (in lieu of the Mayor) in the City Paper, two articles and an editorial in the Post-Gazette, and even a piece at Bloomberg.com.

Perhaps most distressing is the Tribune-Review's article which contains the following quote:
"It's too late," said James McAneny, executive director of the Pennsylvania Public Employee Retirement Commission. "Even if they got $500 million next year, it wouldn't change the takeover, unless the General Assembly changes the law."


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