What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 10, 2011

SOMEONE Has The Right Idea At CPAC!

Listen at about 1:27.

Some brave soul screams out "War Criminal!" at the former Vice-President.

Even in the alternative universe that is the American conservative movement, someone sees clearly enough to speak the truth.

TPM has more:
Rumsfeld is being given CPAC's "Defender Of The Constitution" award, a concept that apparently rankled Paul supporters in the crowd. Many of them got up and walked out en masse at the mention of Rumsfeld, though some stayed behind in the conference hall to heckle the architects of the invasion of Iraq.
"Uh, Defender of the Constitution?" Justin Bradfield of Maryland scoffed when I caught up with him after he walked out of Rumsfeld's speech. "Let's see: he expanded the Defense Department more than pretty much any other defense secretary and he enforced the Patriot Act."

"[Speaking] as a libertarian, that's not really the type of person who should be getting Defender of the Constitution," he added.
Gotta love those libertarians!


Eddie Blue-Eyes said...

It's utterly shameful that more people -- especially those from the "mainstream" -- haven't been yelling out that charge relentlessly.

It's not an extreme accusation in any way.

Pgh_Knight said...

I don't have time to look it up, but I seem to recall you saying how rude it is to shout out while people are speaking. I am thinking of the Obama incident.

"You should know by now that it's only when LIBERALS use such rhetoric is it ever uncivil. When Conservatives go there, they're just being straight-talkin' mavericks."

I guess for you, it's only when conservatives do it is it uncivil, when liberals do it they are brave straight-talking mavericks.

Dayvoe said...

When Joe Wilson (the Congressman NOT the husband of the outed CIA agent) shouted "You Lie!" he did it during the State of the Union address. And that was a break in protocol as well as being untrue.

When that libertarian shouted "War criminal!" it was NOT at the SOTU (and thus with a different set of protocol rules) and and it WAS true.

Other than that, it was exactly the same.

EdHeath said...

PK, apart from the narrow issue of whether shouting something in a public forum is rude or not, are you saying Cheney, who apparently advocated to invade Iraq, who apparently favored the Patriot Act and intrusive surveillance/curbing civil rights, has never done anything wrong? I guess anything Cheney did was all right with you, as long as he helped keep Republicans in power.

Pgh_Knight said...

As long as you're the final word on what is true or not... I guess that mean it's just "straight talk". As I said the other day.... pot meet kettle.

EdHeath said...

PK, I was asking your opinion of Cheney, and instead you persist in describing trees and ignoring the forest. You don't want to talk about civil liberties, or the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq, fine. I assume you also don't want to talk about the ever widening income gap, the 15% of more of unemployment among workers with out a high school diploma, the foreclosure crisis brought on be the unregulated sale of mortgages sold under false pretenses and then bundled as securities to be sold under false pretenses. You don't want to talk about how Republicans in the Senate have blocked a huge amount of legislation and nominations with unprecedented use of the filibuster, until Republicans took over the House and now no legislation can be passed. How Republicans are screaming about debt and inflation, even though deficit spending is needed to stimulate the economy and inflation is at 1.8%.

I can see why all you want to do is complain that Democrats/liberals aren't polite enough. I have never said I am the final word on what is true, but if you refuse to offer a counter-opinion, what are we to think.

Pgh_Knight said...

I wasn't talking to you.