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February 9, 2011

Tired Of All The Nuts

That's one of the reasons the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party is walking away from the chairmanship. From The Denver Post:
Dick Wadhams today unexpectedly dropped his bid for a third term as chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, and said he has no idea what he will do next.

Wadhams said he had the votes but in the last few days got to thinking, “What happens after I win?”

“I have loved being chairman, but I’m tired of the nuts who have no grasp of what the state party’s role is,” he said.
From the memo he distributed:
I entered this race a few weeks ago looking forward to discussing what we accomplished in 2010 and to the opportunities we have in 2012 to elect a new Republican president; to increase our state House majority and win a state Senate majority; and to reelect our two new members of Congress.

However, I have tired of those who are obsessed with seeing conspiracies around every corner and who have terribly misguided notions of what the role of the state party is while saying “uniting conservatives” is all that is needed to win competitive races across the state.
And who would these nuts who see conspiracy theories around every corner?

TPM offers a clue:
Wadhams oversaw Republican losses in both the Senate and gubernatorial races in Colorado last fall, races that the party could have conceivably won if the Tea Party-backed nominees in both races hadn't committed some serious errors.
And from Vincent Carroll at the DenverPost:
Ted Harvey is seeking the post of state Republican Party chair because he wants to "return authentic conservative leadership to the party structure," he said in his announcement.

You've got to appreciate the audacity of the word "authentic." The current party chair, Dick Wadhams, who announced Monday that he will not seek re-election, has only spent his entire career working for the likes of Bill Armstrong, Conrad Burns, Bill Owens, Wayne Allard and George Allen — and no, I don't mean the coach — with nary a political moderate in the mix.
So Dick Waldhams, called by Slate as an heir apparent to Karl Rove himself, isn't "authentic" enough a conservative for the Tea Partiers who scuttled those GOP races in Colorado.

Teh Tea Party Crazie has infected the GOP. Should be fun to watch!

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rich10e said...

change is difficult..and when you're a member of an entrenched bureaucracy that has been tipped upside down, that change is even harder to take...