What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 17, 2011

Can Someone Please Explain This To Me??

From the lefty lib'rul Washington Post:
The seed that foreshadowed Hank Krakowski’s downfall Thursday was planted three years ago on a November day in a Texas hotel ballroom when he first addressed the assembled managers of the nation’s air traffic controllers.

He talked about serving pilots and he talked about working with airline dispatchers, but he made virtually no mention of the grinding day-to-day duties done by the men and women who shepherd 47,000 flights through America’s skies each day.

Krakowski was forced out as head of the federal air traffic control system after a series of recent embarrassments when controllers were caught sleeping and a year in which errors — some of them potentially disastrous — have soared.
Can someone please tell me WHY the guv'ment is in the business of regulating air traffic controllers in the first place? Why can't those over paid bureaucrats just get the heck out of the way with all their job-killing big guv'ment regulations and let the invisible hand of the free market clean this mess up?

Why can't we just deregulate and let the airline industry police itself (as it should because only it knows the business - not some cuff-linked bureaucrat who's only protecting his job). If we did that then the invisible hand of the market will inevitably move consumers to the more successful airlines and the less successful will just have to work a little harder in order to survive.

It's for the airline industry to decide for itself what it needs to do to most efficiently bring their goods and services to the marketplace - not Obamacare or ACORN! As a badly run airline will see its bottom line suffer, it's in that airline's self interest to be as safe as possible. They don't need any guv'ment regulation to tell them that!

The process will make the industry stronger and that's the only thing that's important here.

If a few consumers meet their maker due to the mistakes that will inevitably occur due to those less than successful airlines, that's OK. Their sacrifice will ensure all our freedoms. And anyway as Don Rumsfeld once so wisely said, stuff happens. Democracy's messy.

If only the guv'ment would release it's choke hold on it, the free market would solve all humanities problems.

That's all we need - a truly deregulated freemarket.

And Jesus.

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