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May 14, 2011

More Follow-up On Shields/McGough

First off, I still haven't heard from the Shields Campaign regarding this.

Second, the story's bubbled up onto the letters page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Letter one:
Untrue mailer

On Monday, I received Doug Shields' negative (and false) campaign mailer regarding Hugh McGough, the front-runner for the district judge race in the East End. The mailer's claim that Mr. Shields is the only candidate who intends to serve full time if elected is not merely a disgusting campaign tactic, it is wrong.

Hugh McGough is running for district judge and will serve admirably in that position full time when elected. Mr. Shields has no basis for his claim, and it is disappointing, to say the least, to see him resort to such measures.

Unlike Mr. Shields, Hugh McGough is clearly qualified for the position, having nearly 20 years' experience in the courtroom as a lawyer and judicial clerk. Furthermore, Hugh McGough is the endorsed Democratic candidate for the position of magisterial district judge for District 05-2-35 in the East End and has earned my vote.

Point Breeze

The writer is a member of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, 14th Ward.
Letter two:
Negative Shields

I am so disheartened by Doug Shields' move to go negative in his race against Hugh McGough for judge of the magisterial district court of the 14th Ward. What Mr. Shields is claiming is flat out not true. He says Mr. McGough is planning to work part time while taking a full-time salary. This is just wrong. What can Mr. Shields be thinking?

Here's an example of Mr. McGough's character. I was asking him what he thought I should say to my neighbor to persuade her to vote for him. "Should I tell her that Shields is not an attorney?" I asked, and he said, "No, let's focus on the positive qualities I have, not the negatives of Mr. Shields." This was before he saw Mr. Shields' mailing.

Squirrel Hill
So right now I am thinking it probably wasn't a good idea to send out that mailer.

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