What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 15, 2011

The Coverage Should Chuck Win

It's Primary elections time. Both The Trib and The P-G have published their respective endorsements.

But that's just the frame. The real story here is what coverage of the race for County Executive will look like should Chuck McCullough win. From our friends at The Trib:
Lance: To delay, delay, delay. "Scheduling conflicts" are said to have pushed the theft and fraud trial of Chuck McCullough to Sept. 1. The former Allegheny County solicitor, county councilman and, now, Republican candidate for chief executive is accused of ripping off an elderly woman's trust money. The upshot is this downside -- if Mr. McCullough wins next week's primary, the GOP nominee then will face trial on serious charges. And that's embarrassing.

Lance: To the PA Republican Leadership Council. Never mind that Chuck McCullough faces the aforementioned felony charges, it has endorsed him for the Republican ACE nomination. It cites "the beliefs and principles" of the group, one of which is fealty to the concept of constitutions. But Mr. McCullough, in addition to his legal problems, has been leading the charge to subvert the Pennsylvania Constitution by engaging in machinations to thwart the repeatedly court-ordered property reassessment. The RLC is misguided. [emphases added.]
In eight sentences (this is including the sentence fragments that begin each paragraph) there were five references to McCullough's "legal problems."

Should Chuck win the GOP nomination this Tuesday, this is what the coverage will look like. And though I am not a member of the GOP, I do have to agree with the braintrust here.

This is embarrassing.


rich10e said...

Council races should be interesting.A sweep by incumbents most likely means a stalemated gov't for 2 more years.A mix might mean a changing majority...maybe something to hope for rather than stalemate.

scott huminski said...

U.S. Police State Target (rock music video) Released

Anti U.S. Police State Musician/activist, Scott Huminski, releases his 6th rock video with his band Scott X and the Constitution Commandos.