What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 16, 2011

Not really a glowing endorsement (or any other kind)

By the stack on my desk, there's been at least three Chelsa Wagner for County Controller flyers put out by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee. The first two tout her experience and family connections -- fine and dandy -- but the latest one is problematic. Here's a scan of the relevant portion (provided by a reader of this blog -- thanks!):

(Click to enlarge)

While it certainly doesn't say that Wagner was endorsed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, one could be forgiven for thinking that she was endorsed by the P-G. I showed it to a couple of people on Sunday and both said they thought the flyer was saying that Wagner was endorsed by the P-G.

In fact, the Post-Gazette endorsed Valerie McDonald Roberts for County Controller. Moreover, the third quote on the flyer pulled from the P-G endorsement for McDonald Roberts was proceeded by a "but" and given as a reason why the P-G was not endorsing Wagner:
She is very well informed on local issues, but her view of what the controller can accomplish, as articulated during a meeting with Post-Gazette editors, seemed broader than the tasks that are the statutory responsibility of the officeholder.

It is the third candidate in this race who has the most grounded notion of what it means to be county controller.
By "third candidate" the P-G was referring to McDonald Roberts.

Not cool, Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee.


rich10e said...

I find it interesting that you seemingly support a Democratic machine politician in VMR. Her resume is similar to Wagner's, they both come from politically well connected families and are strong women.VMR is as entrenched in the Democratic Party as you can get. I just thought you might go with the young, progressive female vs the career pol.

Alissa said...

If you're interested in a progressive female, then VMR is definitely that candidate. She has been endorsed by PA NOW, Gertrude Stein Club and 14th Ward Independent Committee. Wagner is the candidate endorsed by labor unions and the county democratic committee, which are both hallmarks of any career pol. Plus, she has the worst voting record of any regional politician, which is hardly progressive. You really want to elect a candidate that has already let down our region by not representing us for two years? I've never seen VMR leave her post. Come on! It is one thing to SAY you are progressive, it is another to actually put into action. And deceptive politics (as in this campaign flyer) are straight from the toolbox of any career politician.

rich10e said...

Not really...VMR is the embodiment of a career pol. You can spin your endorsements anyway you want them (PA NOW, Gertrude Stein Club and 14th Ward Independent Committee stalwarts of the Dem Party)...that comes with Dem politics...just the same...VMR is the machine!!!

Laura said...

If Chelsa is progressive, why didn't the progressive groups support her? Instead, she's got Uncle Jack, the labor unions and the PA democratic committee??? Smells "entrenched" to me!

Don't confuse "young" with "progressive". They're not the same!

MarkSalvas said...

Vote George Matta for County Controller! He has the experience that Matters!

rich10e said...

hey Mark... good luck