What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 6, 2012

Obama CMU Rally Coverage...Until the Networks Got Bored

Well, MSNBC and CNN covered the first few minutes until the President started repeating what he said in Ohio earlier this morning. President Obama did mention (in this order): Senator Bob Casey, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl (I wonder if he showed?),  Congressman Mike Doyle, Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald, and Democratic Party State Chair Jim Burns.

He also mentioned that both the White Sox and the Pirates were in first place and he'd have a problem if they were up against each other in the World Series. Then, they switched over to other news and I need to head out to work (which is why I couldn't attend in person in the first place). 

I'm sure the local media will have lots of coverage later.


Heir to the Throne said...

I'll bet you guy believe his lie about being outspent in 2008.
President Obama Lies To Crowd In Pittsburgh

EdHeath said...

HTTT- then there are three big lies from Romney that he keeps repeating.

It sounds like Obama just mis-spoke. But are you now saying you oppose the Citizens United ruling?

Heir to the Throne said...

By the same author Eric Zuesse as your big lies article.
The Claim That Barack Obama Is A Big Spender Is A Big Lie
which counts the Stimulus that no Republicans voted for as GW Bush spending and repayment of the Tarp loans as a credit to Obama.

EdHeath said...

Yeah, HTTT, even though you link to my original link instead of the one you are talking about. Eric Zuesse talks about budgets and only mentions "stimulus" once way down in the comments (by a word search) and TARP is not mentioned at all (again by a word search). Maybe you could provide hard quotes, since your paraphrasing doesn't seem to exist.

Yes, (of course) revenues are down during a recession, and go look up Automatic Stabilizers. Government spending is more complicated than what I have heard Republicans/conservatives saying. You tell me, is more spent on subsidies to businesses like energy and agricultural corporations, or on food stamps and TANF? You could be honest and answer my question directly or link to some unrelated screed from Ace of Spades or The American Thinker.

Heir to the Throne said...

In order to get the GW Bush $3.5 trillion Budget you have to include TARP and the Stimulus
George W. Bush had proposed 2009 expenditures of $3.1 trillion, but the Federal Government actually spent $3.5 trillion...All of the unusually large Obama expenditures had been due to Bush’s 2008 crash, and furthermore the crater that was opening up in the future federal debt was due entirely to the crash and to the need to reverse it.
Actually, the Obama spending binge really did happen

EdHeath said...

So, in other words, HTTT, you don't understand Keynesian economics, how the US got out of the Great Depression or Automatic Stabilizers. Or economics at all, apparently. You really think the way to fix the economy is to take money away from the poor, the sick and the unemployed, cut the wages and benefits including the retirement plans of teachers, police, firefighters and EMT's and transfer all of that to the rich? Tell me how exactly that will get people jobs, especially since demand is weak right now (apparently small businesses surveyed say that).

This thread started with you calling Obama a liar. I conceded that I think Obama mis-spoke, but I suggested that Romney lies even when he has plenty of time to consider his words. You accused the author of one story about Romney lies of being a liar himself, without responding to the his assertion that Romney is telling lies. Prove Romney created 100,000 jobs. Prove the economy is better when Republicans are in charge. And prove that having business experience makes one a better President. That's what Eric Zuesse said. If can't respond to that, then you have nothing interesting to say.

EdHeath said...

Oops, where I said "That's what Eric Zuesse said." I should have said that's what Eric Zeusse called lies.