What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 6, 2012

On the way to Pittsburgh: Obama Campaign buys cookies from bakery that Romney dissed

If you recall, Mitt Romney dissed Pittsburgh cookies back in April:
"I'm not sure about these cookies," Mr. Romney said during a staged roundtable meeting at the Bethel Park Community Center Tuesday, where a platter of Bethel Bakery cookies were among the trays of food laid out on a picnic table. "They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or whatever."  
The resulting firestorm on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter was instant, with insulted fans of the 57-year-old bakery taking to local talk radio shows and Internet blogs to express their outrage.  
Among them was Republican congressional candidate Evan Feinberg, who summed the miniscandal up on Twitter: "Huge mistake. Bethel Bakery is an institution around here!"
Via Pool Report (Timothy McNulty, Post-Gazette):
BEAVER – Cookies are the cheeky theme of the day as POTUS rolls along toward Pittsburgh for the final stop of his “Betting On America” bus tour.  
Mr. Obama’s motorcade stopped traffic in the Beaver County seat at 12:44 EST, as car drivers leaned out their windows to shoot cell phone video of the passing caravan of SUVs, buses and armored cars. About 75 locals pressed against police tape as the president climbed out of his black tour bus at 12:51 outside Kretchmar’s Bakery on Third Street. “I’ll be right back. I just have to get pie first,” POTUS said.  
On the way to Beaver from Poland, Ohio, the president’s campaign announced it would provide cookies from Bethel Bakery to the press, cookies that Mitt Romney had briefly snubbed during a campaign visit in the spring. Outside the bakery in this old industrial town – full of union-friendly Democrats – Mr. Oboma’s chief political advisor David Axelrod said “there are good cookies in Pittsburgh. We like the cookies in Pittsburgh.”   
Here's a taste of the waiting crowd:


Conservative Mountaineer said...

Since you are evidently geographically-deficient, let me help you...

Bethel Bakery is located in, surprise, Bethel Park.

Kretchmar's in located in Beaver. At least 30-40 miles away from Bethel Park.

At least you got the "B" part right for the location.

LMAO at your lame attempt to make a point... an epic FAIL. Just like your Messiah, the Kenyan Muslim.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Sorry that your reading comprehension is not up to snuff. If you read the pool report again -- which I did not write -- you'll see that the article mentions two bakeries. One that the President visited himself (Kretchmar’s Bakery in Beaver where he purchased pies) and Bethel Bakery (the one that Romney dissed) from which (according to Axelrod) the campaign provided cookies to the media.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Uh.. YOUR headline..

On the way to Pittsburgh: Obama Campaign buys cookies from bakery that Romney dissed

Liar. But, that's par for a liberal. Create a misleading headline, hope no one reads the story.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Tell me what's wrong with it?


I didn't say the President bought the cookies. I said his campaign did.

Are you saying someone other than his campaign bought them? Perhaps a random person?

It would have been wrong if I had written:

"On the way to Pittsburgh, Obama buys cookies from bakery that Romney dissed"

But, that isn't what I wrote -- that is only apparently what you saw or understood because you have problems with reading comprehension or your vision or something...

I know, why don't you provide a link to a story that has nothing to do with this one like you usually do to "prove your point."

Maria Lupinacci said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria Lupinacci said...

On the other hand, speaking of liars, you have three lies in the last sentence of your first comment.