July 27, 2012

PA Gov. Corbett Doesn't Know New Voter ID Requirements That He Signed Into Law

While Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) doesn't seem to know what actually qualifies as proper ID under the new Voter Suppression ID law he signed,

I bet he knows why he signed it:

  • 1 in 3 PA voters don't even know about the new voter ID law!  
  • Between 11 and 13% of PA's eligible voters, registered voters, and people who voted in 2008 believe they have the photo ID they need to vote in November, but actually don't!  
  • A whopping 43% of Philadelphia voters may not possess a valid PennDOT ID!
  • Had the new law been in effect in 2008, Barack Obama would have lost the state’s contest to John McCain by 200,000 votes! (The only fact that Republicans care about.)
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