July 27, 2012

What's up with that?

North Pittsburgh Politics points out that mailers sent out by Republican candidate Rep. Randy Vulakovich for an August 7th Special Election for PA State Senate District 40 (Jane Orie's old seat) contain absentee ballot applications that do not comply with the new Voter Suppression ID laws, while his Democratic challenger, Sharon Brown, is using the new absentee ballot applications that includes a section requiring PA State issued ID number/last 4 digits of Social Security number.

I'm finding conflicting information on exactly when the new requirements take effect. Anyone know?

In any case, since Vulakovich voted for the law -- and so must obviously be very concerned about voter fraud -- it's interesting that he doesn't want to be absolutely certain that the people he thinks will vote for him are eligible to cast that vote. He seems to be concerned here for example:
What is your position on the State's tightening restrictions on requirements to vote?  
Rep. Randy Vulakovich: "It’s important to protect the cornerstone of our Democracy and to maintain an open and honest process. One person, one vote."
Important except when voting for Vulakovich, I guess...

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