October 3, 2012


Looks like I'll be a panelist on this Friday's Night Talk on PCNC.

Here's how PXI describes that show's format:
On Fridays, NIGHTTALK transforms into GET TO THE POINT! Three panelists – usually leaders from the local political or business community – join one of our guest hosts to discuss issues that specifically impact the PCNC audience. The panelists share their expertise, knowledge, and opinions for an in-depth conversation on the critical topics of the week.
What with the Presidential Debates, the recent VoterID decision, the election generally, I am wondering what the discussion will be about.


EdHeath said...

So who else is on

Dayvoe said...

Chris Potter - and that's all I know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I was on Night Talk a couple months ago, it's a lot of fun! Have a great time!!