October 3, 2012

Debate Questions We'd Like to Hear Tonight

Just in case that the moderator for tonight's presidential debate, Jim Lehrer, is reading this blog, here are some questions we'd love you to ask. (Trust me, it would be awesome if you did!)

For Mitt Romney:

1. Do you agree with your wife Ann, that your "mental well-being" would be your biggest challenge if you were elected President or is there something else even worse that we need to worry about?

2. Are you “the one Mighty and Strong”?

3. Many have criticized your commercials for containing untruths. Is this just a misunderstanding in that you're simply practicing your religion and "Lying for the Lord"?

4. So how big a douche is Paul Ryan, really and have you ever seen him shirtless?

5. Can you please make the same face that John McCain did at a presidential debate four years ago?

C'mon, c'mom. It'd be cool! Do it. Do it! DO IT! DO IT!!!

For Barack Obama:

1. Really? Joe Biden? What were you thinking? And how often do you just want the Secret Service to hold him down so you can tape over his mouth?

2. Did you do an actual happy dance when you saw Romney's 47% video?

3. What adjective best describes your immense dislike for your opponent? "Immense." That's a good one. You want to go with that?

4. But seriously, all kidding aside, what will the First Lady be planting in the White House garden this spring?

1 comment:

EdHeath said...

For the President - how do you think a court would rule on your evasion of due process for Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son?

Also for Obama - now that you know the Republicans oppose everything you do, do you have a plan or are you just going to propose things like tax hikes for the rich and keeping taxes constant for the rest of us, all for show?

For Mitt Romney - c'mon, just one deduction you would eliminate to keep your tax cuts revenue neutral? How about the rule that allows carried interest to be treated as capital gains instead of the income it appears to be?