What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 7, 2012

Riot Grrrls!

  • New Hampshire Governor, House and Senate delegations: all women  
  • Kathleen Kane will become the first woman — as well as the first Democrat — to win the seat for PA Attorney General 
  • Tammy Baldwin from WI becomes the first openly gay US Senator ever
  • Elizabeth Warren wins US Senate race and restores that seat to liberals  
  • Tammy Duckworth defeats freshman Republican U.S. Rep. (and deadbeat dad) Joe Walsh in Illinois
  • Claire McCaskill legitimately shuts down Todd Akin in Missouri Senate race  
  • In a gift from God, Richard Mourdock loses IN Senate race


    Doc said...

    Mark Critz loses. I wish I were more upset about that but I'm not, even though Keith Rothfus is even less of a bargain. Somehow I think I expect the worst from Rothfus so his neanderthality (made up word) is excused but didn't expect it from Critz but would have gotten it.

    Maria said...

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Kind of hard to get behind Critz with his 'god, guns & gays' mentality (with 'gays' standing in for all social issues including abortion and his whole 'I hate Democrats' stance).

    Heir to the Throne said...

    Spare me.
    It is not about woman, It is about radical extremist feminist women.
    This blog hates Melissa Hart and never viewed any of her accomplishments as a positive for women.
    Same goes for Michele Bachmann

    Maria said...

    There have always been those woman who vote against things that benefit other woman. Why in the hell would I support one of those woman?

    Heir to the Throne said...

    Why in the hell would I support one of those woman?
    The same reason Feminists excuse false rape accusers Sisterhood.
    Why Not Name the Hofstra Student Who Recanted Her Rape Story?