What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 7, 2013

Keystone Analytics Poll Shows Peduto Ahead by Double Digits

Via Keystone Analytics:
Current Councilman Bill Peduto appears strongest out of the gate polling the highest among five potential candidates tested. Peduto, along with City Controller Michael Lamb, both have very strong name recognition with these voters but Peduto’s recognition translates to actual support with 30 percent of likely Democratic Primary voters saying they would vote for him if the election were held today.
Jack Wagner gets 20%, Lamb comes in at 13% and Jim Ferlo and Darlene Harris are in the single digits.

In other good news for Peduto, he was endorsed today by three elected officials from Pittsburgh's southern neighborhoods: PA State Rep. Erin C. Molchany, Pittsburgh City Councilor Natalia Rudiak and Pittsburgh City Councilor Bruce Kraus.

Additionally, Peduto announced he hit a half million dollars in donations this week.

Maybe Peduto is doing so well because he has actual ideas and "political imagination."

*** Obligatory Disclaimer: As everyone should know by now, I've been working part-time for People For Peduto since 2010.


SamStone said...

With Peduto a mayor and some fresh faces, like Sam Hens-Greco, on Council, Pittsburgh could be in for some very exciting changes.

Maria said...

There are so many good people running for his old seat. If I didn't have Bruce Kraus as my City Councilor, I'd be jealous.