March 17, 2013

More On Dick Morris

Dick Morris spoke at CPAC this weekend.

Let me point out, in case you've forgotten, that Dick Morris predicted a Romney landslide of 325 electoral votes - so he's eminently qualified to discuss the GOP's future.  That being said, TPM is reporting that this weekend lectured God's Own Party on a few things.

On immigration:
...Morris urged Republicans to pass immigration reform immediately. Once the immigration issue is out of the way, he argued, Latinos would embrace the conservative values, switch sides and ultimately become “the salvation of the Republican Party.”
Solid prediction, Dick.

But take a look at what TPM reports next:
But immigration reform, even with a path to citizenship that Morris supports, is not the tough sell to conservatives that it once was.

The harder sell came in his next prescription: Give up on Roe v. Wade.

In order to win back young women, Morris argued that Republicans should stop trying to make abortion illegal and instead focus on a bipartisan effort to reduce the instances of abortion.

“Single white women run screaming from the Republican Party, largely because of our pro-life position,” Morris said. Morris stressed that Republicans can remain pro-life in principle, but needed to shift their focus away from the courts and embrace polices like “adoption, adoption tax incentives, birth control, abstinence, parental notification, parental support … a whole range of efforts, some sponsored by the right, some sponsored by the left.”

Overturning Roe v. Wade, he said, was “a case we’re never going to win.”
Wow. He actually said something rational.  The only problem is, what he's proposing (" a whole range of efforts, some sponsored by the right, some sponsored by the left.") would involve something called "com-pro-mise" and "com-pro-mise" is something the anti-RINO's in Reagan's former party just simply won't do.

On the other hand, take a look at this clip from last February (h/t to

Wow. This guy's good.  Good to know he's still working hard for the GOP.  They need more Dicks like him.

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