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December 5, 2013

The Trib's Now Reusing Old Pseudo-Science

Take a look at this from today:
It was in 2007 that the BBC was warning how the Arctic would be ice free by this past summer, Thomas Lifson reminds in the American Thinker. But a funny thing happened on the way to the end of the world as we know it: The Daily Mail in England reports Arctic ice has increased by 29 percent in the last year. As Mr. Lifson reminds, “Global warming is the most expensive and widespread con job in the history of the world.” Or, put another way, the greatest social re-engineering con ever perpetrated. [Emphasis added.]
When I read that, it looked familiar to me.  Something about the Arctic ice increasing (when all the real science is pointing in the exact opposite direction) raised a tickle of a memory.

Then I googled the Daily Mail article.  It's this one from September and it was touched on in this Trib op-ed at that time.

When I blogged on it the first time (really guys?  You're gonna make me do this twice?) I pointed out:
What they're doing is called "regression toward the mean." Basically what that means is that since the previous summer (of 2012) was so bad, anything not so bad can be seen as "recovering" while in reality it's really just moving back to the average (which is already bad and getting worse).
In this case, the ice in September is 29% bigger than last September - but that was a very bad year.  The overall trend is still (still!) moving towards less and less ice due to warmer and warmer temperatures.

Here's the chart I used in September to illustrate:

The blue line is this year, the dotted line is last year and the average is the grey line above the blue.

Old story.  And the Trib editorial board is still misleading you, the reading public.

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