What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 16, 2014


Yes, it's a satirical site, but often times the satire points to a greater truth.

From The Onion's "Tips for Being an Unarmed Black Teen" we read (go see the complete list):
  • Shy away from dangerous, heavily policed areas.
And a few (rubber) bullet points away:
  • Don’t let society stereotype you as a petty criminal. Remember that you can be seen as so much more, from an armed robbery suspect, to a rape suspect, to a murder suspect. 
  • Try to see it from a police officer’s point of view: You may be unarmed, but you’re also black. 
  • Avoid wearing clothing associated with the gang lifestyle, such as shirts and pants.
To finally:
  • Be as polite and straightforward as possible when police officers are kicking the shit out of you.
Good morning and good luck.

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