What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 17, 2014

On Ferguson, Missouri

Today, Professor Harris-Perry has the floor:

Here's the transcript.

Good Morning.


Heir to the Throne said...

“It is criminals ... who stand to benefit the most by demonizing the good work of police officers.”

“There’s a lack of respect for law enforcement resulting from the slanderous, insulting and unjust manner in which police officers are being portrayed by race-baiters, politicians, pundits and even our elected officials,” PBA President Patrick Lynch charged."

Time to get behind the union and Support the Police officer's bill of rights.
1) Sealing of all law enforcement records from the public.
2) Automatic search warrant/SWAT raid for anyone in possession of video and/or audio of wiretapping Police Officers in public.
3) Citizens must provide ID and must allow themselves to being searched by Law Enforcement when requested.
4) Repeal Anti Police excessive force, false arrest and civil rights violations laws that jeopardize Officer safely.
5) Police officers accused of misconduct should notified of all incriminating evidence or witness statements, be able to review it and remain silent for a 72 hours cooling off period afterwards.
6) Police officer statements override any video evidence.
7) Police officer should be exempt any making false statements laws
8) Police officers should only be tried by a special court composed only of Law Enforcement officers.
9) Qualified immunity should only be denied if the individual officer was sued previously for the same "unlawful actions or actions violating clearly established law."
10) "Brady cops" do not exist. Perjury in previous cases should not be a factor in judging a officer's truthfulness.

Dayvoe said...

You're not helping your cause, HTTT.

How does any of this excuse the killing of unarmed citizens?

By attempting to change the subject you're only hurting your position overall.

And to do it so quickly...surely a sign of deep deep desperation.

spork_incident said...

HTTT is at least honest enough to admit he flat-out wants a police state and believes the People should cower before law enforcement.

Most conservatives pretend to hate intrusive government.


Heir to the Throne said...

Dayvoe /spork

I am against the different legal set of standards for police officers and citizens.

Police Unions Produce Rules That Protect Bad Actors, That’s How Public Unions Work

EdHeath said...

In other words, HTTT, you don't actually care about the loss of human life, you *only* care about advancing your agenda of destroying public service unions. As long as local governments are crippled the way Republican obstructionism has crippled the federal government, you don't care ow many young black men are killed.

Heir to the Throne said...

As opposed to loss of human life is acceptable for the First Rule of Policing: Make it home for dinner.

For POBOR #4
Cop [Aaron “AJ” Huntsman] Caught Stealing Dying Man’s $3,700 and Golden Crucifix on Dash Cam

"Huntsman continued to claim that he was innocent, even after he was shown a video of him taking the money."

Surprised that this did not happen
Police Union argues that cash was probably drug money and that Huntsman should be reinstated with back pay and an apology.