What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 26, 2014

Silly, Just Plain Silly

I usually don't react to "Letters To The Editor" for a number of reasons.  I figure that news delivery people or news commenting people should get their facts right.  If they don't, then I contend I have the right to correct them in public.  They should know better.

But consumers of news?  People who aren't paid to comment or deliver the news?  I'm just not comfortable fact-checking them.  Their only fault is that they're usually just feasting at the wrong table and they don't know better.

That being said, I want to start with this letter to the editor
The president lacks prudent judgment and common sense. Coffee cup in hand, he recently stepped off Marine One and gave the traditional military salute to the Marines strategically positioned to officially receive the commander in chief.

This sloppy, halfhearted salute while holding a coffee cup in his saluting hand clearly demonstrates a disrespectful attitude toward every American veteran and all men and women now serving in the military.

Certainly, a better example can be set in the future by following the official protocols and traditions of saluting and acknowledging those who faithfully serve and represent the military. Further, let's not demean and diminish the dignity, honor and respect of the office of president of the United States.
It's a complaint that made its way around the sillier part of the already silly conservative media.

I wonder if these same folks reacted the same way when this happened:

And of the two "disrespectful" and "sloppy half-hearted" salutes, which one was proffered by a president who lied the country into a war that led directly to the deaths of 4500 servicemen and women?  How many lost limbs for the WMD and the Saddam/al-Qaeda connection that simply weren't there?  How much more PTSD?  How much more strain on the already strained VA due to the fear mongering over how we can't wait for the smoking gun mushroom clouds?

Silly, just plain silly.


Heir to the Throne said...

Progressive are above such juvenile nitpicking.

Ol' Froth said...

Also too, Presidents NEVER saluted their guards until St. Ronnie started doing it in the 80's, even though he was told not to because non uniformed people should never salute uniformed people.

Heir to the Throne said...

he was told not to because non uniformed people should never salute uniformed people.
So who gave that order to the current President? Must have been Law Enforcement because all their orders are expected to be obeyed without question whether based on the law or not.
New Presidents are welcome to stop or start the saluting at anytime.