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May 16, 2016

Meanwhile, Outside...(How Can Global Warming Be True When There Was Snow In Pennsylvania This Weekend? IN MID-MAY??)

From The Weather Channel:
April 2016 was the warmest April on record for the globe, according to data released on Saturday by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. This also marks the seventh consecutive month in a row in NASA's dataset that the earth has recorded its warmest respective month on record.

The global temperature departure in April was 1.11 degrees Celsius above the 1951-1980 average. This crushed the previous April record set in 2010 by 0.24 degrees Celsius.
Every month from October 2015-April 2016 has now had a departure of 1 degree Celsius or greater above the 1951-1980 average used by NASA. The departure from average in a single month had never exceeded 1 degree Celsius prior to October dating back to 1880.
Of course, because this happened yesterday:
Following a blast of unseasonably cold air that brought snow to at least one part of Pennsylvania on Sunday, temperatures are set to rebound, beginning with a sunny and warmer start to the work week.

This after near record low temperatures descended on much of the region over the weekend, even bringing a trace amount of snow to Williamsport, the National Weather Service reports.

It was reportedly the first snow ever recorded on May 15 in Williamsport, where record-keeping began in 1895.
We know our friends in the science denying crowd are all set to declare victory over the hoax and go home.

It'll be the same illogic as this:
Happy Monday!

It's still getting warmer outside.


Omega Cuck Supreme said...

So now Stephen Colbert is a climate Scientist?

Corporations have no rights except Bernie 2016 Inc.
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Omega Cuck Supreme said...

Virgin Islands AG attempts to subpoena 40 years of Exxon records over climate change dissent
"Unless these activists can provide some indication that a crime has taken place"
Que Dayvoe

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