What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 11, 2017

What'd I miss?

So according to the Trump press conference:

  • Trump: "I did not pee on those women, unnamed Russian teen sex workers."
  • He has no business dealings with Russia (despite what his son has publicly said in the past).
  • His bromance with Putin continues unabated.
  • He has almost no debt. (lolololol forever)
  • Some business attorney he hired who spoke today is somehow the best, most classy, bigly Constitutional expert on emoluments ever!
  • He's doing nothing that real ethics experts consider to be enough to wall himself off from his business (Uday & Qusay will manage them and never breath a word about it to Daddy).
  • CNN is "fake news."
  • He doubled down on crying that he's living in Nazi Germany because people are mean to him.
  • He's replacing Obamacare one hour after it is repealed...
  • And, because "Hillary, Hillary Hillary, DNC, DNC, DNC"
  • What'd I miss?

    1 comment:

    Deplorable Omega Supreme Cuck said...

    "Trump: "I did not pee on those women, unnamed Russian teen sex workers.""
    Did he bang on the podium like Bill Clinton?

    The CNN narrative was the existence of this memo showing Russia had the goods on Trump.
    Too bad Buzzfeed blew up the narrative by releasing the memo which they thought showed that Russia has the goods on Trump. However the BuzzFeed "smoking gun" turned out to be a easily debunked dud that was obviously complete BS.
    See CNN/BuzzFeed Smear Collapses: Trump Attorney Cohen Not In Prague On Date Specified