August 12, 2019

AGAIN - Climate Reality From The "Pages" Of The Tribune-Review

I can't tell you how much time I spent debunking the science denial that trickled like so much toxic waste off if the editorial pages of the Tribune-Review.

It's been a pleasant surprise to to see that they've actually been moving in the direction of science non-denial when it comes to the climate.

First, there was this from late last month.

And then, only yesterday, the powers that be over there at the Trib allowed this paragraph to be published in Dick Scaife's old paper:
This summer’s scorching heat waves in Europe, flooding in New Orleans, record-high temperatures in Alaska and even our unusually high rainfall amounts here in Pittsburgh demonstrate that climate change is not some distant reality. It is here and now. Yes, it’s clear that no single weather event can be attributed directly to climate change; but all of these events are consistent with models of a warming climate, and the trend is not in our favor.
Amazing, only a few short years ago the editorial pages dripped with "insults" like calling the science the "church of climatology" or cluck-clucking however many "chicken little" strawmen they could conjure up.

And look at the page now. They've allowed this go to unchallenged: climate change is not some distant reality. It is here and now.

Guys, what took you so long?

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