August 14, 2019

Another Donald Trump LIE

I'll just let Richard Mellon Scaife's Tribune-Review frame the dishonesty:
President Trump boasted Tuesday afternoon about his administration’s efforts to “revive” the nation’s energy and manufacturing sectors during a visit to Royal Dutch Shell’s ethane cracker plant construction site in Beaver County.

Trump also took credit for the multibillion-dollar project’s existence.

“It was the Trump administration that made it possible, no one else,” Trump said during his speech inside a warehouse at the Shell site to an audience of mostly construction and trade workers employed there. “Without us, you would have never been able to do this.”

Shell formally announced in June 2016, before Trump was elected, that it would go ahead with construction, but the company and government leaders began working on the project years before that. The company signed a land-option agreement to begin evaluating the sprawling property as a potential plant site in March 2012.
Speaking to a crowd of thousands of workers dressed in fluorescent orange and yellow vests, Trump said “This would have never happened without me and us.” In fact, Shell announced its plans to build the complex in 2012, when President Barack Obama was in office. A Shell spokesman said employees were paid for their time attending Trump’s remarks.
Wait, the chanting crowd was paid to be there?

And Trump outright lied to them.

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