What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 9, 2005

Catching Up

I've been tied up on a work project the last few days so I've been looking around some of the local political blogs to see what I've missed here:

Three Rivers Online has a recap of Kathy Dopp's lecture in Pittsburgh. I had blogged about Dopp, the Founder and President of US Count Votes, coming here but was unable to attend myself so I'm glad I could at least read about it.

While I don't always agree with the very Libertarian views at Freedom's Gate, I love the "F DUBYA" license plate that's being auctioned on eBay. You can see it here

And, it's nice to see that the lights have come back on (now and then) at Exit Stage Left. Click here to see his Whiter than White photo gallery of the GOP members of the House (yes, Howard Dean is right).


Andrew L said...

"very" Libertarian? More of a Progressive-Libertarian (see The Democratic Freedom Caucus. Of course, I get called a Liberal a lot too....which I still don't get as an insult...but that's just me....

Andrew L said...

As an aside, Libertarian refers specifically to a Libertarian party member (which I am no longer), while libertarian refers to one with a libertarian philosophy.


Maria said...

Uh, OK...sorry, dude. ;-)

So you're a progressive-libertarian of an undetermined (though non Libertarian) party.

How's that? :-D

Jonathan Potts said...

Hey, I consider myself a libertarian Democrat. You can imagine how sparsely attended the meetings are.

Andrew L said...

Not undetermined, Maria. I'm a registered Democrat.