What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 22, 2008

Hello! Post-Gazette! Where are you?

I know that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- like many in the print media -- is somewhat busy trying to navigate rough waters, but no stories on Lil Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's announced challenger, Carmen L. Robinson? Not a single mention?

I also acknowledge that this is the first mention of Ms. Robinson at 2pj, but we do have an excuse: It's not our JOB to report the news.

If Ms. Robinson's entry into the fray is not news than why have all these print, television news and blogs reported on Robinson's intention to run:
Pittsburgh Tribune Review 12/5
Pittsburgh Tribune Review 12/6
WTAE 12/10
WPXI 12/10
Pittsburgh Hoagie 12/10
The Busman's Holiday 12/10
The Blog of Burgher Jon 12/16
Progress Pittsburgh 12/18
The Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society 12/19
Pittsburgh Hoagie 12/19
The Pittsburgh Comet 12/19
And of course, the now defunct The Burgh Report
So I ask again: Where's the Post-Gazette on this story?

If you -- unlike the P-G -- are interested in Carmen Robinson, you can sign up for her mailing list at her preliminary website: http://www.carmenformayor.com or follow her on twitter @ http://twitter.com/Carmen4MayorPgh

An African American, Hill District resident, feminist woman running against Lil Mayor Luke surely must be some kind of trifecta in terms of belonging to groups that Lil Lukey has snubbed (now if only she had also litigated against Lamar Advertising).


Philip Shropshire said...

They're probably all really really depressed. A lot of those guys haven't done anything except journalism. It's a hermetically sealed environment and this is probably the first real reality they have ever faced. Frankly, and I had the same hopes during the contract negotiations, I think they should take those offers and start an online newspaper. Start five sections around local politics, law, tech (gadgets), arts and sports. Each section should have 1 to 5 reporters. Split the revenues so the more hits you get the more money you make. Hire one or two salespeople. See what happens after a year or when your unemployment benefits run out. An employee run paper would also be of higher quality. And Tony Norman shall lead them, or take a teaching/lucrative PR position...I wrote more about this here:


Philip Shropshire

Dave & Mary said...

So what is the point of this blog? Seriously.

(BTW, I don't read the papers. I close my eyes.)

cathcatz said...

k... i'm officially depressed in not being able to comment on dave's posts.

as for this news item, i hate to sound like a pooh-pooher, but after reading the blogs that you referenced, i don't think ms. robinson's chances of beating mayor luke, are very strong at all. and i'm a little perplexed as to why the young man at pittsburgh hoagie, felt the need to elaborate on ms. robinson's case against the city of pittsburgh police department.

EdHeath said...

cathcatz, you can comment on Davoe's posts. You just have to email him. I have done it twice now (the second is pending for when is off work). I am assuming I am the only one who has emailed him (Since only the one comment I made on "Jack Kelly Sunday" made it to print so far). Possibly someone sent a rude comment that Dave decided not to print. I am sure David will accomodate whatever you would like to say.

Ms Robinson's chances are interesting. She wil likely not do too well. But I think if she finds a way to reach out to East End progressives as well as getting the African American community behind her, she might be able to get most of the vote that obama got in the city.

Dayvoe said...

Ed's right.

E-mail in whatever comment you have and as long as it's on-topic and rational I'll post it.

Even if I disagree with it.