What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 19, 2009

Pitt Girl: Anonymous No More

At her blog (which has been renamed "That's Church") she gives up some info:
1. My name is Virginia Montanez. My friends and family call me Ginny, but you can continue to call me Your Majesty, because I’ve grown accustomed.
Now that her name's out of the way, I'll paraphrase the other stuff. She's married, two kids ("HOLY SHIT, PITTGIRL IS A MOM!"), four sisters and she still hates pigeons.

Nice to meet you, Virginia. Good to have you back.


Sherry said...

i've bookmarked her blog.

Maria said...

I had already guessed that PittGirl was:

- In Communications/PR (but not in government)
- In her 30's
- Brunette
- Attractive
- At least in a committed relationship, if not married

For some reason I got it in my head that she was a Latina, though from her post it appears she's just married to a Latino (close enough for Pittsburgh).

Yeah, I know, not exactly Sherlock Holmes but not completely off the mark. LOL

Matt H said...

It's nice to see that she thinks that she is royalty by wanting to be known as "Her Majesty"

Mark Rauterkus said...

Royalty doesn't fly here as well as Czars, Dictators, Bishops, Authority Members, and the be-all, "OVERLORDS." Other popular chess pieces are Rooks and NPO Board Members.

Pawns and pea-ons -- well, they are still fair better than anon blog commenters.

But, seriously, the top of the top in all of the classes of Pittsburgh = PARENTS.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

On this blog, the only royalty is "The One".. 0bama.

Rage Against the Democratic Machine said...

Kneel down and kiss Lord Zober's ring, Matty Boy.

Matt H said...

Zober is great.

Gloria said...


Man you've really honed your profiling skills. I figured only that:
a. Pitt Girl was a female
b. She was relatively young, of course at my age someone who's 48 yrs. old is young...

How'd you get 'brunette' and Latina?

Maria said...


I got brunette because she said she had a sister who looked like Tina Fey.

Not quite sure how I got the Hispanic connection. I think it was something that someone from the P-G said to me. They swore she was a female (which I already had assumed) but they also said something like people will be very surprised by who she is.

I thought it couldn't be that she was old because the culteral references were more from someone in their 30s.

I figured lots of guys were hoping for some blonde beer model type so then I thought, wouldn't it be funny if she were, say, African American and from there I somehow leaped to she was a Latina. (My mind works in mysterious ways. LOL)