August 30, 2019

This, From FOX NEWS

Take a look-see:

Crooks and Liars has a (partial) transcript:
I'm not the one who said tariffs are a wonderful thing, you are.

Just like I'm not the one sent Mexico would pay for the wall, you did.

Just like I'm not the one who claimed Russia didn't meddle in the 2016 election, you did.

I'm sorry you don't like these facts being brought up, but they are not fake because I did. What would be fake is if I never did, if I ignored all the times you said you loved your old Secretary of State Rex Tillerson until you didn't.

Had no plans to dump your homeland security secretary until you did.

Called Chinese president Xi Jinping an enemy just last week and a great leader this week.

Sometimes you don't even wait that long.

Last week you expressed an appetite for background checks before arguing just hours later, our background checks are already strong.

These aren't fake items there are real items and you really said them.
Of course, this does not absolve Fox "News" of its many journalistic sins. But it's good to know that at at least one segment of it's "news" division, they're pushing back, if only a bit, at Trump's bullshit.

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