October 2, 2020

A Wendy Bell Follow-Up

This is reprehensible, Wendy. YOU are reprehensible.

This morning on Facebook, you posted:

Aside from all the other stuff to dispute, I'd like to look at this sentence:

CNN's Don Lemon suggested the president's positive test result represented a "moment of reckoning" for his administration, as Chris Cuomo (who allegedly tested positive himself and was caught violating his own self-imposed home quarantine) opined that had Trump worn masks, "we may not be in this situation."[Emphasis added.]

"Allegedly" Wendy? You doubt that Chris Cuomo had the coronavirus? 

So you think that this might not be true?

That's the only reason you'd use the word "allegedly" in that sentence.

That's reprehensible, Wendy. You're reprehensible.

And anyway, given your past statements on herd immunity, shouldn't you instead be applauding this positive result? You actually said this:

Don't we want this virus to work its way through the people so that we can be immune? So that we can develop some semblance of herd immunity?