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July 19, 2017

Toomey-Time Round-Up! (Part The Second)

Yesterday, we started looking at all the letters of mine that Senator Pat Toomey has chosen not to answer (so far, of course).

We know that he (or at least his office) has seen everything up to my nineteenth letter (we know this because he answered it).

Yesterday, we ended with the tenth letter.

What else has he decided not to answer?
  • Eleventh letter - I asked Toomey if he agrees with the 97% of climate scientists who've concluded that the planet is warming up AND that human activity is (at the very least) a significant cause.
  • Twelfth letter - This one was about former NSA Flynn. I asked Toomey whether he was concerned that Trump knew for two and a half weeks that Flynn was in danger of being compromised by the Russians before firing him.
  • Thirteenth letter - I asked Toomey if, given Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey and then his subsequent leaking of classified information to the Russians, he still had confidence in Trump's abilities as leader of the free world.
  • Fourteenth letter - This one is a follow up to the thirteenth. I asked Toomey if he was OK with Trump bragging to the Russians about his firing of James Comey, calling him "a nut job."
  • Fifteenth letter - I asked Toomey if he was concerned about Jared Kushner's dishonesty regarding his meeting with the Russians and then subsequent attempts to secure a "back channel" to them outside of the ability of US Intelligence to monitor.
  • Sixteenth letter - This is another climate science question. I asked Toomey a simple yes or no. Does he agree that "that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver"? 
  • Seventeenth letter - This one is probably moot. It's about Toomey's failed ACA replacement legislation. 
  • Eighteenth letter - Probably also moot as it's also about Toomey's failed ACA replacement.
Senator, I'd still like to see answers to these important questions as they touch on issues of global stability as well as domestic security.

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