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August 14, 2018

My SEVENTY-FOURTH Open Letter To Senator Pat Toomey

I'll be dropping this letter to Senator Pat Toomey in the mail Wednesday (again, sorry for the wait a second week):
Dear Senator Toomey:

It's me, again - the constituent who writes for the local Pittsburgh-based political blog, "2 Political Junkies."

Earlier today, Donald Trump tweeted a comment about Omarosa Manigault Newman, his former aide. In the course of the tweet, he called her "a crazed, crying lowlife" and then, for good measure, a "dog."

My question this week is very simple. Setting aside whatever feelings you might have about Ms Manigault Newman, do you think this is acceptable behavior for a sitting President?

That's a bit of a trap, I confess. Of course it's unacceptable, regardless of the target of the insult. And so, unless you are speaking out against it, we are going to assume you're OK with it.

Are you OK with Donald Trump's behavior?

Thank you and I await your response.
And I will be posting whatever response I get from him or his office.


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