Democracy Has Prevailed.

April 30, 2019

My HUNDRED AND SIXTH Open Letter To Senator Pat Toomey

I'll be dropping this letter to Senator Pat Toomey in the mail today:
Dear Senator Toomey:

It's me, again - the constituent who writes for the local Pittsburgh-based political blog, "2 Political Junkies."

As you may know Senator, The Washington Post has been tracking Donald Trump's "false and misleading" claims for some time now.

Recently, they've reached a milestone for Trump's dishonesty: 10,000 false or misleading statements.

He's lied about family separation, a woman's right to choose, and even the size of the crowds at his rallies.

All things easily checked and debunked - and yet he blatantly continues to lie and mislead the American people.

This week's question: Why do you continue to support this dishonest man and his dishonest administration?

Thank you and I await your response.
And I will be posting whatever response I get from him or his office.